Mason IP Control Surface Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Mason IP Control Surface.

Mason KeypadDesigned specifically to meet the demands of high-volume DVD proofing workflows, the Control Surface is a USB accessory which connects to the Mason IP, and puts all the Mason’s functions at your command. Featuring high quality full-stroke keys, the Control Surface is built to stand up to continuous use and hundreds of thousands of key presses.

The key layout has been carefully refined to put the most commonly-used commands in easy reach. Whether you are checking complex projects with multiple subtitle and audio streams, or verifying navigation on an intricately structured disc, the Control Surface can help you make short work of it. CONTINUED »

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MediaPress MPEG encoders slip into retirement

After a long and productive career, the industry-leading MediaPress MPEG encoder line has been retired. We are sad to see it go, but the reality of today’s production environments, where tape is going the way of the dodo and even an average desktop computer can do realtime MPEG-2 compression in software, means there’s simply not much demand for a realtime hardware encoder.

We will, of course, continue to provide service to the thousands of MediaPress cards out there.

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Wired History

Wired was founded in January 1990 by two engineers who just wanted to make great MPEG products. In the early days, Wired’s business model was that of a contract engineering company, retained by big companies (like IBM, Sony, AT&T, Lockheed Martin) to develop technologies & reference designs. CONTINUED »

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New MasonIP Firmware (July 2008)

We have a new firmware download (0.98e) available for the MasonIP decoder. This version adds a lot more functionality for DVD verification and testing. You can get the latest download by clicking HERE.

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Updated MasonIP User Guide Now Available

Manual coverWe’ve just posted an updated version of the MasonIP User Guide. It covers installation, setup and operation, as well as the new features added with the latest firmware update.

It’s a 2MB PDF file that you can download here.

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New Knowledge Base System

We’ve switched over to a new Knowledge Base system that makes it a lot easier to find just the info you need. Here’s the direct link: Wired Knowledge Base

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See How Easy It Is to Configure the MasonIP

MasonIP ConfigOne of the MasonIP’s great features is its built-in web-based configuration pages. They let you access all the settings of the Mason from any browser.

So you can see for yourself how easy it is, CONTINUED »

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New MasonIP Firmware Adds iPhone Configuration

iPhoneWe’ve just released version 96d of the MasonIP firmware which adds two great new features: CONTINUED »

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MediaPress X and Leopard

LeopardWe’ve been busy testing MediaPress with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) since its arrival this weekend, and are happy to report that it works great. CONTINUED »

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